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A list of resources for traders and market/adoption watchers

Hi all,
Much love to the community here. Decided to stop lurking and post something potentially useful for the newbies and old timers alike.
I've put together a small list of sites that provide insights and visualizations into the bitcoin and a few other crypto currency markets. There are important sites or projects that I'm missing, so please comment with other similar resources you may be using. I know that there are whole host of tools we could add to this list. I'll update the list as comments come in! I'll also add a more detailed description to each link soon.
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Hey everyone,
So is a terrible source of market information; when it works it is pretty great but as of late it lags to hell, drops and is no use to somebody looking for upto date information. is what I use for Mt.Gox, it is amazing. I love it. Apparently you can give them money for more information, I was wondering if anyone here has done that and knows whether or not it does the same for the other main exchanges?
Failing that, does anyone know of another tracker which does not lag and is upto date with the market?
Much thanks!
ps I tried using QT Bitcoin Trader which is on the bar to the right and found it to be lacking/in beta testing - is there any other trading software that one can use for Bitcoin?
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Bitcoin Trading Formula

First off, I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm trying to make a chart that shows the relation between volume and price change in a short time frame. I sort of jimmy rigged a chart that loads slower than the other(Markets Delayed) so I can compare the price change across the exchanges over a small period of time. (doesn't always work)
I made this chart because I noticed that every time there was a spike in volume the price would continue on that trend. I have no experience with trading or making charts or math. I just wanted to see if my assumptions were accurate. I still have not found a way to find the hourly or daily volume. I have tried using the 30 day volume but it's not as accurate as I would like.
The formula I cleverly designed only tells you to buy or sell when the volume is high. (Price change*SQRT(Volume))
The chart:
TL;DR: Where can I find real-time volume data?
EDIT: I made it so anyone can mess with the chart
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Do these tools exist for monitoring Bitstamp?

Trying to replicate my Mt. Gox trading environment which has served me very well over the past year: Nice graph plus "beep" sounds that would get me off my ass if there was a sudden flurry of activity. Absolutely brilliant realtime monitoring for change bars ("walls", etc., I'm probably using the wrong term). They have an option for Bitstamp, but it's never worked.
Currently using Bitcoinity, but it's like a kid's toy, frankly, plus it lags a lot, and bitcoinwisdom (non-premium, don't know if there are extra options for premium), but it's just not cutting it for me.
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Is the Mt Gox API down? Not getting any updates ; and are all not showing any trades on Gox.
Is anyone else experiencing similar?
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Lista de sites para acompanhar as negociações Bitcoin

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