Overstock to accept Bitcoin - CNN

TotheMoon! Just saw bitcoin mention in first commercial on television . Overstock pet adoption.

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Overstock.com commercial that I saw on cable television last night with a Bitcoin payment option featured at the end.

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Saw my first non news related television appearance of Bitcoin. On an Overstock.com commercial.

Although just a short appearance on the bottom of the screen at the end, mentioning they are now accepted, it was exciting to see. Nice step in the right direction towards greater exposure and continued growth. Anybody else see any Bitcoin appearances on television? Not necessarily news related, but can be too.
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Overstock.com commercial on basic cable (WGN). "Now Accepting bitcoin"

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Overstock.com commercial that I saw on cable television last night with a Bitcoin payment option featured at the end.

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Overstock.com commercial just ran national on Comedy Central. Go Overstock, go!

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13 Ways to Save Money Passively (Best Passive Money Saving Apps/Sites 2018)

Are we really doing this again already?
About 6 months ago I made the second version of this post, which listed 10 ways for you to save money passively.
Since that post I have found quite a few additions and I feel like it's already time for an update.
Just to clarify, this post is mainly just an update to the previous post. Some points made here will be exactly the same from last time, but there are a lot of additions and clarifications this time around.

13 Ways to Save Money Passively 2018

Drop - (iOS | Android)

Completely Passive, Ref = fish

In the first post I said:
If anyone asks me, "Fishering, what is your favorite beermoney app?" I'll respond with Drop.
12 months later, I don't totally know if that's exactly true, just because Drop has gone through some changes that has made it seem (psychologically) not as great as it once was.
For those of you who don't know what Drop is, Drop is a passive loyalty program that allows you to choose 5 popular stores where you'll earn cash back (automatically) at as soon as you shop at them (both online or in store). Here are just a few of the stores you can pick from: Walmart, Macy's, Dunkin Donuts, Target, Whole Foods, Walgreens, Starbucks, Uber, McDonalds, and my personal favorite, Chipotle! There's about 20-30 stores you can pick from for your perm. ongoing offers.
If you signed up for drop in the previous post, you might not have noticed this, but they have actually changed their program a bit since then. There's a good chance you didn't even notice any differences at all, but they have recently set a weekly limit of $5 in cash back, and they seem to be wanting to limit what purchases count for cash back.
From Drop's TOS:
Drop users are limited to earning a maximum of 5,000 Drop points per calendar week (Sunday – Saturday) in connection with Drop’s ongoing (as opposed to one-time) offers. Drop maintains the right to review the accrual of points and to determine, in Drop’s absolute discretion, if certain transactions qualify for Drop Offers. Certain spending including, but not limited to, repeat purchases, high-value purchases, purchases of gift cards, and purchases made for commercial, non-personal or non-household purposes, may not, at Drop’s absolute discretion, be considered Qualifying Transactions and may be ineligible for Drop points.
Source. I really do recommend you take a look over this.. there are a lot of hidden secrets in Drop, like that 5000 point limit per week, while most people won't spend $500 (with 1% cash back) in a week, it still makes this program seem so much worse.
Anyways, if you're not signed up for Drop, it's really a great app. I've been enjoying it since its launch and I've made a fair amount back in savings from it.
Cash outs are instant and start with various gift cards at $5 (5000 points). (Amazon is $10 minimum).

Spent (iOS | Android)

EDIT: Spent has just announced a referral program! For every friend you refer you'll get a $5 bonus when they earn their first cashback. Additionally, all friends you refer will receive $10 when they sign up. Here's my referral link. You might have to click on it from a mobile device in order for it to track correctly. It seems that Spent has done away with the referral program.

Almost Completely Passive

Spent is very similar to Drop... so if you like Drop, chances are you'll also enjoy Spent. Unlike Drop, with spent you'll earn 1% cash back at all of the stores they offer, so you don't need to pick just your favorites. Here are all of the stores that Drop offers 1% cash back at. (Note: All of the stores with strikethroughs are stores that were originally offered, but have sent been removed).
  • Starbucks
  • Amazon
  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Grubhub
  • Walgreens
  • Uber
  • Panera Bread
  • Staples
  • Petsmart
  • Costco
  • iTunes
  • ExxonMobil
  • 7-Eleven
  • McDonalds
  • Kroger
  • The Home Depot
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Whole Foods
  • Shell
  • Chevron
There are a few things about Spent that are better than Drop, but there are also a few things that are negatives here.
I'll go ahead and make a nice little pros/cons list of Spent.
Pros of Spent:
  • $10 Sign up bonus (may or may not require referral link used?).
  • PayPal cash outs.
  • Manage transactions in the app.
  • Cash out minimum $0.01 w/ Gift Card Discount
Cons of Spent:
  • $20 Minimum cash out (PayPal).
  • Cash Back takes 1 month to get approved from pending.
Spent is also similar to Drop because you must link your bank account to it. This seems to be a common trend with these apps. And yes, Spent does stack with Drop, but Spent might not stack with other Empyr apps. You'll learn more about Empyr later in this post, or just CTRL+F for "Empyr". Just note that when you link a card with Spent you might have just unlinked your card from another Empyr app.
One thing I want to update about Spent is how cash outs work now. Since the original post a year ago I think it's important to note some changes. Cash outs for Spent are done through PayPal at $20 minimum (payment is sent instantly?). However, in the app they now have an option for you to purchase gift cards at a discount. So for example, you could be somewhere that Spent doesn't support.. Let's say Papa John's... and they'll let you buy a Papa John's gift card on the app and you'll receive 3% back. If you have any cash back balance you'll be able to use that to help pay for the gift card (or pay for it entirely, if you have enough balance). I can see this being a viable "cash out" option for users who feel like they'll never hit the $20 minimum. It won't be a free gift card, but a discount nonetheless. Do note that if you're someone who is only using drop for the 1% cash back at the select retailers listed above it will take you $2000 in spend to reach the $20 minimum cash out. That could take a while for some people, depending on how much you spend at these places.
One other thing about Spent that's worth mentioning is that it does also offer shopping portals online (spentapp.com) and you'll be able to find cash back for Travel/Hotels/Rental Cars. Just something worth checking out if you're interested in it. They also have an app called Spent Travel you might want to check out.

Pei ref = fish

Completely Passive

Pei is another new automatic cash back app, very similar to Drop & Spent. Pei is (as of posting) in an invite only system and they seem to be slowly letting users in. I was able to get early access since I'm 'Media'. I'm not sure how you can get invited into this app at this time, but if you read what I have to say about Pei that you find interesting, feel free to download the app and join the waitlist. I'd imagine soon they'll just let everybody in at once.
The one important thing to note about Pei is that it does run on the Empyr network. I was in contact with Pei about this and they confirmed that if you link a different Empyr app you will no longer receive the benefits from Pei. This is different from Spent since with Spent you can link your card (at which point your card will unlink from your previous Empyr app), but then link your card to a different Empyr app and you'll still get the 1% cash back offers to pay out. Just the local offers on Spent won't pay out. With Pei if you unlink your card, the whole app will break. So I'm going to try and convince you here that Pei is different from the other Empyr apps, and might be interesting and worth taking your one Empyr app slot.

Pros of Pei:

  • Cash Back at a lot of locations (way more than any of the other Empyr apps).
  • Cash out via PayPal or Bitcoin.
  • Stacks w/ Drop & Spent

Cons of Pei:

  • Steep $15 cash out minimum.
  • Hard to track where your points are coming from (no history page with transactions?)
So with all of that being said, let's talk about the stores you can find on Pei. Just note that these are only stores that are local to me, so if I don't have a certain store near me that Pei offers, I won't have it on this list. Please feel free to leave a comment informing me of what I'm missing.
  • Panda Express - 1.5%
  • Target - 1%
  • Petco - 1%
  • PetSmart - 1%
  • Sephora - 1%
  • Banana Republic - 1%
  • American Eagle Outfitters - 1%
  • Gap - 1%
  • Old Navy - 1%
  • Chipotle <3 - 1.2%
  • Taco Bell - 2%
  • Dominos Pizza - 1.5%
  • CVS - 1%
  • Starbucks - 1%
  • AMC - 2%
  • GameStop - 1.2%
  • Subway - 1.5%
  • 7-Eleven - 1%
  • Dunkin' Donuts - 1.5%
  • Walgreens - 1%
  • Nordstrom - 1%
  • Supercuts - 2%
  • ZARA - 1.2%
  • Express - 1%
  • H&M - 1.2%
  • Urban Outfitters - 1%
  • + Local locations - ~5%
Please let me know if there is anything inaccurate about this list if you're able to get into the app.


Completely Passive

Paribus is not your typical cash back site. Once you sign up you can link your different accounts (such as your amazon account) and it will automatically track your shopping. Paribus doesn't directly earn you cash back... it acts more like Walmart's saving catcher if you've ever heard of that. If an item you buy somewhere goes on sale shortly after or if there's any other discounts/promotions you may have missed when you originally bought something, they'll quietly get you a rebate on whatever you purchased. It can be very hit or miss. The catch is that they do take a cut of your savings. I believe it is 30% for all new users, but for each member you refer you can cut the cut by 5%. If you save $10, they'll charge you $3 to whatever card you have linked.
Personally I've found it to be really hit or miss, but I've found some incredible savings. I bought a gopro and I got $15 saved with Paribus, and I also got $50 back from some really nice headphones I picked up on amazon from Amazon. What's weird is I bought the headphones like 6 months prior to the rebate. Was shocking to see it, but I've really had some good luck with Paribus.

Sift (iOS | No Android)

Completely Passive

After the last post, I noticed a lot of people enjoyed Paribus, so I figured it'd be good to add some alternatives in this post.
So, here's Sift. Sift is a similar site to Paribus, and its key focus is on enforcing credit card benefits that many people don't know about. It's actually pretty nice. It'll let you pick your credit card and it'll tell you pretty much everything about your card. I have the Chase Freedom Unlimited card, and I was actually shocked to hear some of the benefits my card has that I have never been taking advantage of.
From Sift's site:
We automatically comb through your credit card policies to show you all your benefits in one place. For every purchase we let you know what benefits you are eligible for. We streamline the claim process to make it as simple as possible to get your money back.
You can link your emails as well as your amazon account as well and they'll make it really easy for you.
I have not actually used Sift much myself, so I cannot attest to how well it works, but the app store reviews are generally positive for Sift.
Massive golf clap to zarraza2k for pointing Sift out.

Trim Savings - Referral Link

Completely Passive

Trim is similar to Paribus and Sift, but there's a certain void that it's trying to fill that the other two don't really seem to be filling.
Trim's main selling point is its bill negotiations. Instead of trying to save you money when a price drops, they're going to try and just nip it right in the bud and try to get your bills lower.
Right now they're mainly trying to negotiate with cell providers, internet providers, and cable providers.
Here's how the process goes:
  • Submit Your Bill: Submit your most recent cell phone, cable or internet bill to get started.
  • Trim Negotiates: Trim negotiates with your provider to get you discounts on your bill.
  • You Save Money: Trim takes 25% of annualized savings, but only on success—otherwise, it's free!
So, similar to Paribus, Trim does charge a fee. In a sense, I guess that's a good thing because it gives them an incentive to make sure to get some sort of bill decrease for you so they'll make some money too. Their rate is currently 25% of your bill negotiation. Of course, if they're not able to negotiate your bill for you, you won't pay them anything.
Trim does also monitor your bank account for you and they'll notify you of account changes (that you can set). For example, if they see a transaction worth $xxx, they'll notify me that I've made a large transaction. If there weren't already so many other sites/apps that could do that, I'd say that's a great feature that Trim offers.
One thing Trim also offers that is pretty nice is a cute little referral system.
Send your friends the link below, and you'll both get $2 when they connect an account...We'll send you an Amazon Gift Code worth $2.
So, that's cute :). As always, if you do happen to sign up with my refs, it's appreciated greatly.


Very Passive

Note: If you remember reading about SavingStar in my post from 6 12 months ago, nothing has changed.
SavingStar has been around for a very long time. It doesn't get a lot of love around here because it can often be referred to as the 'shittier version of iBotta'. While I agree that the products they have to offer for rebates are limited, there are two things that make SavingStar better than iBotta.
  1. Ease of adding deals.
On iBotta you will find a lot of offers on products you might be interested in buying, but activating the deals can be very tedious. Sometimes you'll have to watch an ad or answer a short survey just to qualify for a rebate. SavingStar makes it a lot easier. All you have to do is tap. Since there's no limit to how many rebates you can activate, I recommend just activating them all. Check in to the app maybe once or twice a week just to activate offers. Even if you don't plan on purchasing something, just add it in case you happen to buy it anyways.
  1. Ease of redeeming rebates.
iBotta can be a pain with this. After you activate a rebate and buy it, sometimes they will make you scan items (or did they get rid of this? I have not used iBotta in a while), and sometimes you'll have to scan your receipt. The process can be long. SavingStar makes it a lot easier by allowing you to link your store rewards card to redeem the rebates. After activation of a rebate, all you need to do is buy the item(s) from the store you have linked, and your account balance will automatically update.
When I first used this app (it's probably been about 5 1/2 years since I first signed up), I secretly linked my mom's Jewel-Osco card without telling her and each week I would activate all of the offers and I would just check the app every time after my mom went shopping and I would get so happy to see a couple dollars added to the account balance. Was one of the easiest beermoney apps for me at the time :). Jewel-Osco kinda got rid of their card a while back, so that made me sad, but you can still link the following cards to your SavingStar account: Stop&Shop, Peapod, CVS, Kmart, Piggly Wiggly, Mariano's. They have a handful of other stores as well, but that requires you to scan a receipt.


Semi Passive, DC, Virginia, Maryland, and Florida/Long Island.

GetUpside isn't really passive, but it qualifies for use a so many places (in the select states) that it feels like it deserves a spot on this list. Upside has been popular around here (for the people who can use it) because it allows you to compare gas prices at places, and earn cash back at over 600 gas stations in these three places. It's really easy because you don't really have to look hard to find the gas stations, and you just have to submit a receipt. If I could use this I'd probably just go to fill up, and while I'm waiting I'll open up the app to see if the gas station I'm at qualifies. It'd give me something to do for the minute while I wait for the tank to fill up.
GetUpside now offers cashback at certain grocery stores and restaurants. Does anyone know if GetUpside uses Empyr? I mean I told them I lived in a state where GetUpside works and I'm seeing I could be getting 20% cash back at Qdoba.
Like wtf bro i just want burritos in chicago is that too much to ask for wtf
whatever fuck it chipotle is better
In the DC area? You can also save up to 35% at restaurants and 15% at grocery stores near you.
It seems like they're mainly targeting DC area for restaurant and grocery cash back, but the play store lists DC, MD, and VA.
I don't use GetUpside because I live in Michigan/Chicago, and they have not reached us yet :(. They do have a referral program, though. Please please please, go ahead and start an Upside ref train below, I give permission on this post, unless the mods disagree.


Completely Passive, Samsung devices only

SamsungPay has dropped so hard since I last updated this post. The only other thing that used to be on this list that has gone further was Expense Rewards (if you don't know what Expense Rewards is, don't worry about it. ._. )
Update: SamsungPay will now earn you 5-20 points per transaction, and they have removed all gift cards and rewards cards. You can now only redeem for 'coupons' or instant win sweepstakes. As of posting/edit they currently have $30 Uber Promo Codes, $25 Grubhub codes, and $25 Atom Tickets codes for 6,250 points, but these appear to be temporary. All of these codes have their own terms and limitations, so they're not as cut and dry as they might seem.
Samsung Pay has become my favorite way to pay... not only because I get rewards for using it, but because it totally takes a shit on apple pay and android pay. I am using my phone to pay at places where all of the employees tell me 'oh we don't allow you to pay with a phone', and I just shove my phone against their card reader and prove them wrong. It makes the process a lot easier for me as well.
Samsung pay has a rewards system where you'll earn anywhere from 10-40 5-20 points for a purchase. They have a level system each month where the more purchases you make in one month, the more your purchases will be worth the next. You'll have to maintain your levels to keep up the next month. Currently to reach the highest level (platinum) and receive 40 20 points per transaction, you'll need 30 transactions in a month.
I'll touch a little bit more on Samsung Pay's reward scheme shortly.
SamsungPay often offers various promotions that will offer discounts at certain stores or discounts on gift cards. As of posting they have 15-20% off various gift cards for 'back to school'. There's almost always some sort of gift card discount going on, so that could be a nonpassive way for you to save some money here and there.
So what kinds of rewards can you get from Samsung Rewards?
Currently you can spend your rewards points on some instant win games. I don't waste my time with them.
They also offer a few gift cards. Currently they offer ThinkGeek, Sephora, AMC, Uber, Best Buy, Gamestop, Shutterfly, and Overstock. You can also get a visa rewards card starting at $5 for 2000 points. These rewards cards automatically apply to your cards for Samsung pay and you can use them anywhere. SamsungPay has now done away with Gift Cards and Rewards Cards.
To anyone who has used Samsung Pay in the past (or maybe has not checked on it recently, or used it since the last post 6 months ago, for those of you who read that), they recently devalued their points.
Previously a $50 Samsung Rewards Card cost 10,000 points. Now it costs 12,500 points. I'm sad, and I wish they gave us a warning before the change.
Of course this is only for people who have qualifying Samsung devices: S6, S7, S8, S9, and the newer note devices.

Uber Visa Local Offers

Completely Passive

Just feel like throwing this important fact in here: I am a 5.00 star rated rider on Uber. Just wanted to boast.
Shop or dine out, get Uber credits back.
use your Visa card next time you dine out or go on a shopping spree at a featured store and earn Uber credits toward future rides. To join, go to settings in your Uber app and tap on Visa Local Offers.
If any of you are familiar with Swagbucks Local or apps similar to that, this is similar to those types of apps. Whenever you shop out at certain places you'll instantly receive uber credits to your account. It's really simple, and yes, this does stack with all of the other cash back apps you might be a part of.
If you're interested in activating the Visa local offers, you'll need to make sure you have a visa card linked to your Uber account first, and then you should see "activate local offers" in the app settings of Uber. I don't know if you'll see anything in the Uber Eats app, but you can use uber credits in either app.
There's really not much to say about Visa Local Offers, but if you're looking for some FAQ/Terms, feel free to check them all out here.

Cash App "Boosts"

Eh, Kinda Passive I guess

For those if you who don't know what Cash App is, Cash App is an app by Square that lets you send and receive payments. They've also expanded their app to support bitcoin purchases, and they'll also let you use the app as a checking account. With the cash app you can also sign up to receive the Cash Card, which is a debit card that is funded with your cash app balance.
If you have not used Cash App before, they do have a fancy referral program where when you sign up and send $50 you'll receive $5 and so will I. I do want to make this very clear: Cash App referrals can see the full name of the person who refers you, and the person who refers you will have your full name shown to them. If you're really private about personal information, be careful whose referral link you use. If you trust me, here's my referral link.
On a totally unrelated note, can someone please tell me if I correctly used the word 'whose' in the pervious paragraph? I'm really trying to get better at grammar and I still get fucked by who's / whose and who / whom.
Please note that if you want to use the cash app boosts that I'm talking about, you'll need to be 18 years old and have the cash card (which is free, don't worry)!
Cash App recently announced that their cash card will now be seeing 'boosts'. Boosts are their fancy way of saying that when you use our card at certain locations you'll receive a discount.
Once you have the cash card, you'll notice on the app below your card you'll be able to select your boost. Here are the current options (as of posting):
  • Coffee Shops (pretty much any coffee shop) - $1 Off Each Visit
  • Shake Shack - 15% Off Each Visit
  • Whole Foods - 5% Off Each Visit
  • Panera - 10% Off Each Visit
  • Subway - $1 Off Each Visit
  • Chick-fil-A - 10% Off Each Visit
  • Chipotle <3 - 15% Off Each Visit
So there are quite a few things I want to say & clear up.
  1. You can use a boost every 2 hours.
  2. You must select the boost that you'd like to use prior to the purchase. AFAIK you're able to swap which boost you want to use as often as you'd like. So when you walk into Chick-Fil-A, just check and make sure your boost is set to CFA. If not, swap it.
  3. In order to apply the boost, you must pay with the Cash Card. It's automatic. If your total is $6 and you're saving 10%, you'll only need a Cash app balance of $5.4 for the transaction. Cash App will cover the other $0.60.
  4. If you link your Cash Card to Apple Pay, you can pay with it that way and the boosts will still be applied.
Do realize that just because you have the Cash Card on the app, you won't see the boosts. You need to have the physical Cash Card in your possession for the boosts to show up.
I've been really enjoying using the Cash Card for purchases. Especially at CFA & Chipotle. It's really not a hassle. When I'm standing in line at Chipotle I'll open the app and make sure my cash app balance is enough and if not I'll just add funds right away. The boost is applied immediately which makes you feel good. It's like the guac is free at Chipotle after you use the cash card. The only downside to using the Cash Card is that you won't be able to stack discounts with anything else on this list... Unless you find a way to link the Cash Card to any of the things on this list. Regardless, 15% off at Chipotle is the best I have found, so I'm perfectly okay with it. If you're shopping at Whole foods, on the other hand, 5% might not be the best you can do. Stack a nice credit card with 1% Back from Spent and whatever other apps might have whole foods and you might be able to net >5%.

Empyr Apps

Completely Passive

In the last post I didn't include any of the apps like Swagbucks Local or Dosh (actually I don't even know if Dosh was out yet at that point). So, here we go.
I've listed this as "Empyr Apps" because all of these apps are basically just the same thing. I'll take the example of Swagbucks Local since that's what most of you reading this will already be using.
If you paid attention in the Visa Local Offers section of this post, you'll find that the Empyr apps are actually very similar to those visa local offers.
When you shop at a certain store/restaurant, you'll earn with the empyr app you have linked. It's actually really not that special.
Here's a list of some/most of the current Empyr powered apps:
IMPORTANT NOTE: You're only allowed to use one Empyr app at a time! As soon as you link up with another Empyr app, you'll be disqualified from another until you link back up.
I do want to go into this list a bit this time around since there seem to be more and more Empyr apps popping up.
Dosh might be the most popular of these apps right now. Dosh has nice referral programs as well as sign up bonuses that makes it very enticing. Dosh also has very decent cash back at the stores they offer.
Swagbucks Local will always be popular among Swagbucks users. What's really nice about Swagbucks Local is that the payouts are always instantly converted to Swagbucks, which can help you cash out sooner. You'll also likely get a slot in the Swago board filled out, which might be beneficial to you.
Pei is a really cool new app on Empyr that offers cash back at a lot of places you likely shop at. I talk about it above.
RetailMeNot is a newer one on this list and it's the only one here that I feel like I recommend you go on/off with. RetailMeNot has recently been doing a lot of "Spend $X, get $Y" deals at a lot of the stores they offer. For example, they are currently offering $5 Cash back for in Store purchases of $30+ at Staples. This is a really good deal for an Empyr app, and would probably be my pick for that transaction, but not most of the time since they don't have very many stores as options.
Here's what I plan on doing:
Most of the time I will plan on having my cards linked to one app... Probably Dosh, SB Local, or Pei. If I find a good offer on the RetailMeNot app, I would temporarily link my card to that just for the transaction and then link back to another app. I really just have to recommend you download all of these apps and see what they have to offer for you and pick your favorite.


Eh, it's not actually passive... Ref = DCIBS9

TruNow is the one app I was really debating whether or not should make it on this list. It's not passive, but it stacks very nicely with a lot of these apps and it's really the only receipt app right now that scales, so I think it deserves a spot here as well as on my upcoming receipt apps comparison.
TruNow is a rather new app that will give you cash back at gas stations. It's actually a really easy process. You'll first go shopping at a gas station (probably buying gas) and once you're done you just upload a photo of your receipt to TruNow. All gas station receipts will pay 1%* cash back. Certain partnered gas stations will pay 2%* cash back.
The thing that makes this app so good is that it stacks with everything. Let's say I buy gas from ExxonMobil. I'll sign up for their rewards program and pay with a CC that earns a high rate at gas stations. I'll earn 1% from Spent and combine that with the rewards program and CC bonuses and earn 1%* cash back from TruNow as well.
You can cash out your TruNow balance to PayPal or spend it at a partnered retailer.
*So the issue with this app is that if you do choose to cash out to PayPal you'll only get half your money. So if you're using this and intend on cashing out to PayPal, just note that you're really earning 0.5% cash back. The minimum cash out is $5 for PayPal, so you'll earn $5 for every $1000 you spend on gas.
The app does have a referral program where you'll earn $2 for signing up under a ref link and the person who refers you also gets $2. If you feel like trying TruNow out, my ref is DCIBS9.


Well, there you have it. 10 different ways to save money passively. I usually say at the end of my posts that I can't even type anymore because my hands are tired. I think that's absolutely going on right now. Right now this post is just over 20,000 characters long. One of my longest ones yet :)
Please, feel free to leave comments or questions for me. Make sure to get one of your ten required comments on this post so you can enter that ref contest next week!
And that's it. I'm done :) My first megapost of 2018! This is going to be a great year in beermoney :) You just wait!
My socials:

Check out some of my other posts!

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Cryptocurrency News: 5 Benefits of Crypto Payments

The demand from consumers is increasing as the benefits of digitally native payments are becoming more apparent. Crypto can save both customers and businesses money and time and can also increase the security of transactions.

Crypto payments may not be mainstream yet, but more and more businesses are responding to the growing trend and are now accepting crypto payments either directly or indirectly through a third party.

For example, online retailer Overstock accepts crypto payments directly from any customer, around the globe instantly.

Overstock: Benefits of Bitcoin Purchases
Overstock was one of the first major retailers to accept Bitcoin in 2014 and has continued to make a name for itself in the crypto space launching its own blockchain based capital markets solution, tZero. Others such as Microsoft, Dish, and Shopify have followed, accepting crypto payments in exchange for their goods and services.

Keep reading to learn how crypto payments offer benefits above fiat from the analysis of https://www.m8x.com/

For Customers...

Less Fees
Banks make a lot of money off of your money. They charge fees for a variety of services like credit cards, savings accounts, ATM deposits and withdrawals, and more.

Managing your funds in a crypto wallet versus a bank offers significant savings. In most cases, opening and holding a crypto wallet, unless one chooses to purchase a hardware crypto wallet or prepaid card, and using it for crypto payments is completely free. Of course, this largely means that maintaining custody and responsibility of your crypto (through keys, seeds, hardware, or otherwise) is almost entirely up to you.

Owned Data
Financial institutions and retailers collect and retain a wide range of customer’s personal and financial information. Your bank tracks anything from your name, address and social security number to your net worth, investments, account balances, and credit score. On the other side of the transaction, retailers are collecting your browsing and purchasing history as well as your basic personal information.

With crypto, the only data needed to process payments is two strings of numbers – the customer’s address and the recipient's address. Of course, crypto transactions aren't completely anonymous because most blockchains are public, and personal information like your name and address are often still collected by retailers. Despite this, crypto transactions collect and retain significantly less personal information than standard credit card transactions.

The fewer intermediaries involved in a transaction, the fewer opportunities there are for your data to be commercialized. Not to mention, by making transactions peer-to-peer, business yield more profit and are less pressured to gain revenue through sales of customer data.

Borderless Payments
Crypto assets are borderless by nature. Bitcoin, for example, isn’t owned by a centralized body or issued by a single country. It’s decentralized which means it’s also global. Crypto payments can instantly cross borders with minimal fees and without the need for an intermediary like a remittance business or a bank. All that’s needed to process an international payment is an internet connection and a device like a cell phone or laptop.

Removing the third party from the equation opens the doors for millions of people around the globe without access to banks (“the unbanked”), giving them access to the global economy. The opportunity for crypto payment adoption in places like Nigeria where an estimated 100 million people have access to the internet, mostly through mobile devices, but only 31 million hold bank accounts, is huge.

For Businesses...

No Charge Backs
The current electronic payment system forces businesses to take a substantial risk when processing payments. When you purchase something with a credit card, you’ll often see your transaction as pending on your statement. That’s because your payment isn’t actually as instant as it appears. It has to travel between a customer, two banks, then finally, to the merchant.

The lack of speed and the need for multiple parties gives customers the chance to take an item only to cancel their payment before it’s processed, leaving the business high and dry. With a crypto payments, it can't be reversed once it is processed. It’s instant and permanent, which means companies don’t have to worry about chargebacks.

Loyal Customers
CheapAir – an American online travel agency – has reportedly processed more than $5 million in Bitcoin payments since 2013. The CEO of CheapAir Jeff Klee told Forbes that he likes "customers who pay in crypto because they are loyal." He also noted that they’re more likely to “buy higher ticket items.”

Many crypto users are seeking out businesses that accept crypto and are likely to be loyal to those who do. Not to mention, studies predict crypto assets could be used as a mainstream means of payment in the next decade. Businesses that get ahead of the curve will likely reap the benefits of mass adoption.

While crypto payments have a long way to go both in terms of adoption and scalability, the benefits to both businesses and customers are significant enough to radically improve the way transactions are conducted globally.
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Why I Think Wanchain Is An Incredible Long-term Investment

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way associated with the Wanchain team. Neither am I a financial advisor, nor is this meant to be financial advice. Whatever follows, just reflects my understanding of the project, and my personal opinion on its future outlook.
The objective of this post is to lay out, in simple terms, what Wanchain is, and why I think Wanchain’s native coin, Wancoin, could be one of the best cryptocurrencies to hold, not just through the coming months, but years.
So, let’s dive into it!
Wanchain’s vision is rebuilding financial services. Wanchain is a global financial platform that connects, and exchanges value between different blockchains. Simply put, Wanchain is a ‘decentralized’ version of traditional banks in the current and future financial landscape.
We are living in times of a major digital transformation, a time where digital assets are entering the financial ecosystem at an unprecedented rate. As the adoption of digital assets is increasing, we are witnessing an appreciation in the value of these assets. This necessitates the existence of a ‘digital bridge’ to transfer value, in the form of digital currencies and/or assets, between different blockchains.
Wanchain’s distributed ledger allows:
To put it in a few words, Wanchain is a very ambitious and potentially disruptive project, aiming to become a super financial market of the world. The project has some of the brightest minds in the business working behind it. Wanchain is solving a real world problem and has an immensely vital use case. I have complete confidence that Wanchain could easily be one of the top 15 cryptocurrencies by market cap by the end of 2018, and it would continue to grow even beyond that. Therefore, I believe holding Wancoins would be a great long-term investment.
Full disclosure: I am invested in Wanchain for the long-term, and I plan to buy more when Wancoin trading goes live.
Hackernoon blog post: https://hackernoon.com/why-i-think-wanchain-is-an-incredible-long-term-investment-86b9d0d6eb6c
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Merchant Mondays

Welcome to another Merchant Mondays!

Show your appreciation for the businesses that lead the way in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Instead of paying with fiat for your next purchase, use this Monday initiative to pay with VTC instead. Did you buy anything with Vertcoin recently? Please share your experience.
Vertcoin Merchant website
Let's take this Monday to reach out to your favorite online stores that do not accept Vertcoin yet. Stores that accept crypto but not VTC are a quick win. Check my last post for some info on accepting payments.
This week we started adding descriptions for the webshops. I will keep updating them over the next few days. Below is a list of merchants that accept Vertcoin as payment (credits: u/Wauri12\ - he provided the descriptions and a big part of the list).
If a business should be added to or removed from the list, let me know!

Debit cards




Garden & Agriculture

Gift Cards



Multimedia Services

Professional (law) Services



Video Games

Wallets & miscellaneous

(NSFW) Adult shops

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Cryptocurrencies and their Characteristics

Hello! My name is Irina Shevchuk, I am a designer at Platinum where we create best ICO and STO promotion ever! We know how to launch STO in 2019 and will help your project to get in the list of best security tokens 2019!
Visit our site to learn more about our up-to-date services!
Well, promoting wasn’t enough for us, so we decided to create the UBAI, the first online university developing practical courses on blockchain.
Get familiar with Ethereum, its founding principles and major improvements/limitations upon the initial Bitcoin Blockchain!
Did you know that due to the nature of the cryptographic community from which cryptocurrencies have been developed, it is only natural that the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the digital sphere has dwarfed that in the traditional business world? Cryptocurrency adoption has firmly permeated the online gaming sphere with offerings such as Experience points (XP) for purchasing incentives in games and educational content, as well as GameCredits (GAME), which aims to be a universal currency for gamers worldwide and STORM, a kind of Blockchain Mechanical Turk, a crowdsourcing Internet marketplace. In the online gambling space, Funfair (FUN) aims to be the go-to currency for all online gaming, and Edgeless (EDG) supposedly offers a gambling experience with no edge for the house, a project all gamblers would surely welcome and support.
Cryptocurrency projects have already provided use cases for conventional businesses and enabled existing commercial operations to improve their performance with the implementation of Blockchain technology. Thus far, Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that has most readily made inroads into the public consciousness. Microsoft, for example, has begun to accept Bitcoin payments in Windows and XBox stores, and Expedia has teamed up with Coinbase to allow Bitcoin to be used to book hotel rooms. Much like Iconomy in the crypto asset management sphere, NapoleonX (NPX), is allowing crypto investors to buy into Decentralized autonomous funds which focus on conventional markets. As we have already covered, one of the main reasons that Blockchain technology is causing so much excitement is because of the great number of ways the technology might be developed and applied in business.
The Canadian-Russian boy genius named Vitalik Buterin first envisaged the next stage in Blockchain technology as a scripting language for Bitcoin. But this particular idea failed to reach a consensus with the community. That is what stimulated development of a totally new platform with a more general type of language. Initial development on the Ethereum project began in Spring 2014 with the core team of Vitalik Buterin, Mihai Alisie, Anthony DiIorio, and Charles Hoskinson, working through the Swiss company EthSuisse. Subsequently, the Ethereum Foundation was created in the run up to the July 2014 crowd sale. Then, the Ethereum project’s currency Ether was distributed to participants who purchased the token with Bitcoin.
The initial questions about the security of the project were proven to be warranted after an infamous entity called the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) led to the loss of $50 million of the $150 million dollars raised in the Ethereum crowdsale. The Ethereum Blockchain then underwent a very contentious hard fork resulting in the Ethereum, ETH, we know today being separated from its parent chain, Ethereum Classic, ETC. By the end of 2016, the Ethereum Blockchain had forked twice more resulting in increased DDoS protection, that de-bloated its Blockchain, and thwarted further spam attacks by hackers.
The true cost of the financial crisis for the world economy is still being calculated and may never actually be known, but conservative estimates put the cost at approximately $20,000 per America citizen. Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of the most famous and infamous digital currency, sought to create a means of transmitting value that did not require a trusted third party to oversee the transaction or guarantee the value. By using distributed ledger technology on the Blockchain he laid the foundation for a trustless decentralized financial system that did not rely on central banks to mediate transactions. This is a “peer-to-peer version of electronic cash…. sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution”. With no trusted third party, each individual becomes a self-sovereign, one-person-bank, responsible for his or her own transactions and security.
The Ether token’s authenticity is guaranteed by its Blockchain, which is a continuously growing list of records connected and secured using cryptography. Like Bitcoin, the Ethereum Network is an open and distributed ledger that records transactions between two people in a confirmable and permanent way. The Ether token is superior to bitcoin in that its blocktime is approximately 15 seconds compared to 10 minutes with Bitcoin. Mining generates new coins at a usually consistent rate, and the average transaction cost in December 2017 was $0.33 compared to $23 for Bitcoin. As alluded to above, Ethereum initially aimed to become both a decentralized internet and a decentralized app store supporting a new kind of app (dapp). In order for the network to function correctly, a novel piece of code “ether” was created in order to pay for the computational power needed to run an application on the Ethereum network. Ether is a digital bearer asset like BTC, and does not need a third party to verify or mediate transactions. “ERC-20 Token: The Ethereum Request for Comment -20 token is standard set of rules used for smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain for executing new tokens. It defines a uniform set of rules on how a new token will function within the Ethereum Blockchain. The creation of this token has made it very easy for start-up companies to create their own token within the Ether ecosystem. That was a very significant advancement that caused the 2017 ICO boom in newly issued tokens.
Monero: This fork of Bitcoin is focused on privacy and decentralization. It obfuscates the sender and recipient’s addresses, as well as the amount of the transaction. The original Monero (the name is Esperanto for “coin”) author, Nicolas van Saberhagen, sought to make mining rewards more egalitarian as an additional benefit of being part of the Monero ecosystem. The very private nature of the Monero architecture, which mixes sender “ring signatures” with many others, makes the deciphering of the destination and recipient address increasingly difficult. This has made the Monero cryptocurrency the go-to coin for illicit transactions on the Dark web. There is, however, another way to look at this. Although Monero’s intensely private nature and deliberate obfuscation of transaction destinations and sources is undoubtedly used for criminal and corrupt purposes, the exact opposite effect may occur if its privacy characteristics are placed within the context of third world countries where corruption is already rife. In developing countries, it has proven much easier for people to obtain devices with an internet connection than it is for them to open a bank account. With 2 billion people worldwide without a bank account, much of them in Sub-Saharan Africa, privacy coins like Monero could play a key role in distributing aid to the needy without having to deal with any potentially corrupt and inefficient organizations or state institutions standing in between.
Ripple: Ripple is well-known as one of the very first big Blockchain projects. In fact, its predecessor, RipplePay dates all the way back to 2004. The modern version of the Ripple payment protocol (conceived by Jared McCaleb and built by Arthur Britto and David Schwartz) enables instant peer-to-peer transfer of money. The protocol and the facility to avoid the banking system, results in drastically reduced fees and transaction times compared to international transfers by conventional banking methods. Ripple is currently known as the cryptocurrency of the financial services industry, with major involvement by Santander, American Express and RBS, amongst many others. Ripple has also teamed up with Moneygram to speed up the process of cross-border payments. Ripple is aiming to send money across national lines “as quickly as information” in the words of its CEO Brad Garlinghouse. The almost laughable inefficiencies and delays in sending money to friends or loved ones in foreign countries is a major pain point for banking customers the world over. Now, with the implementation of Blockchain technology through Ripple’s XRapid initiative in partnership with Moneygram, international transfer times will go from being measured in days to being measured in seconds.
NEO: This is often described as the “Chinese Ethereum”. NEO is similar to Ethereum in that it is a Blockchain platform that is designed to be a scalable platform for the construction of decentralized applications. The NEO Blockchain project was founded by Da Hongfei in 2014. Like Ether (ETH) in the Ethereum network, the NEO token is the base asset of the NEO Blockchain. But unlike Ether, it is indivisible, and it accrues a GAS token when stored in a wallet. The GAS token can be used to pay transaction fees on the NEO Blockchain. The NEO cryptocurrency was rebranded from Antshares in 2017, and has started to produce highly successful ICOs on its platform, most notably Ontology (ONT) and RPX which will make use of the NEP-5 token. In the immediate aftermath of rebrand from Antshares, the all-encompassing vision of NEO 2.0 was laid out as follows: “We hope the platform can be used for different front-end scenarios, such as the Digital asset wallet, Forum, Voting, Profile management and Mobile applications. The platform also features an open API that can be used for integration with other systems.” One of the main alterations made to the NEO project was the addition of more up-to-date digital identity management protocols which employed Public Key Infrastructure(PKI)X.509 digital identity standards. NEO’s verification of identity when issuing digital identities includes fingerprint, voice and facial feature authentication methods.
IOTA’s code architecture is not in the same mold of Bitcoin or Ethereum, both of which could be described as existing on and making use of a Blockchain to order their transaction history. IOTA, and its token, the MIOTA, are embedded in a code structure called “The Tangle” which is a form of Direct Acyclic Graph data architecture. This particular architecture enables the code to function with no fixed block and each transaction carries its own proof of work. These types of transactions are enabled by “storing the most recent transactions in a fast cache, and by using checkpoints such that older transactions cannot be references. Thus, the system can be made as fast as Bitcoin, or faster”. IOTA’s main use case is for the transmission of information and value between Internet of Things enabled devices, in an automated manner. This project is truly one oriented toward the future, when many more IoT devices will be online, and there is a great need for such devices to communicate and transact without any human intervention. One weak point in DAG code architecture is that much less than a 51% attack is sufficient to compromise the network. It would be theoretically possible to bring about double spending on a DAG network with a 34% attack.
TenX (PAY) TenX was founded in 2014 as part of a PayPal incubator program. It sought to bridge the gap between Blockchain assets and everyday commerce, providing an efficient solution for the liquidity problems of many cryptocurrencies. The project will eventually be centered around a debit card that makes use of the COMIT protocol that enables many different Blockchains to interact with one another without having to issue a different token. That could be another milestone event in the crypto ecosystem. The project roadmap presented to investors began with the ICO in July 2017. They famously raised $34 Million in the first 7 minutes. The roadmap will conclude when they obtain their banking license in the middle of 2020. At that point they also aim to issue FIAT tokens fully backed and issued by a government. So far, the TenX project is on course to meet its stated targets. They brought out their highly rated IOS and web apps at the end of 2017. This serves as a fantastic example of how a well-run ICO can help both the investors and the startup streamline the capitalization process to the benefit of all parties involved.
Influence upon Traditional Merchants around the world. Due to the inherent volatility of cryptocurrency, the adoption of crypto payment methods by traditional businesses has generally been slower than in the online sphere. Although some major companies have in fact begun to come around to the idea of integrating digital currencies into their methods of accepting payments, the volatility of crypto is still a serious impediment for most. Microsoft has led the way by incorporating Bitcoin payment systems into the Window Store, as well as adding the ability for game players to purchase credit on the Xbox live network with Bitcoin. Overstock began accepting Bitcoin payments on January 9th, 2014, and saw a significant uptick in orders immediately. They received 900 new orders for $126,000 worth of BTC. Electronic retailer NewEgg, and online gaming site Zynga, also now take Bitcoin payments. There are even certain Subway outlets in South America that have started to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment too. On a far smaller scale, Coingate has partnered with Prestashop, to take Europe to the verge of a widescale cryptocurrency payment method. Merchants of any size need only apply for a Coingate account, and then have a crypto payment module installed, in order to accept payment in Bitcoin, BCash, Ether, Litecoin and nearly 50 other cryptocurrencies. The price is locked in immediately at the time of the transaction, which solves the volatility issue, and the whole process can be completed without the merchant having to deal in anything other than Euros. CryptoCredit card projects Monaco and TenX help to bridge the gap between the worlds of fiat and crypto, allowing a card holder to spend their cryptocurrency anywhere in the world.
Decentralization & Our Financial World In the Financial World, decentralization would radically alter the roles of, and creation of value by, our modern day ‘too-big-to-fail’ financial institutions. The capping of the supply of most major cryptocurrencies is itself an idea nothing short of revolutionary, in the truest sense of the word. All developed economies are oriented around a Central Bank that, through the system of fractional reserve banking, has power to create loans or investments and accept deposits, but is only required to hold reserves equal to 10% of its total liabilities. This in effect empowers central banks to print money as they see fit, a mechanism which gives central banks massive power in contemporary society. Any move toward decentralized ledgers, and any number of finite decentralized currencies, would upset the balance of power between central banks and the individual in a way that has never occurred before. The role of central banks in the economy, and the traditional means of solving common financial problems by having the central bank manipulate the money supply, for example, would need to be radically rethought. Consider the recently used machinations such as quantitative easing, negative interest rates, etc. These are present-day “solutions” that would no longer be able to be applied to the economic and financial problems they are attempting to solve.
If Blockchain technology was meaningfully deployed in the political arena it is conceivable that political corruption and vote-rigging could be severely curtailed or even eradicated. By providing a clear, transparent and incorruptible method of vote recording and counting, voter fraud and election rigging could be eliminated. The political climate could be detoxified and faith could be restored in both fledgling and established democracies. The idea of being able to present a publicly available digital ledger would allow journalists to maintain lists of sources that would be able to be shared between peers without compromising the source’s identity. The possibilities for the application of the Blockchain founding principles are truly revolutionary and just may be the largest leap forward for society since the computerization of the work force or the globalization of trade. The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Overstock is a large e-commerce company that has successfully adopted a Blockchain solution for its business needs. The Silk Road was one of the most widely known early beneficiaries of the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Purpose of Cryptocurrencies -Ethereum was developed after the original creator’s suggested changes to Bitcoin were not implemented by the community. -Ethereum is a completely separate cryptocurrency. -DAO Hack & the Ether Token. -Monero, Ripple, NEO, Stellar & Iota. -Microsoft has begun to accept Bitcoin on the Xbox live network store.
If there is a wide-scale expansion of the mechanism of asset-tokenization we could see stocks, bonds, synthetic instruments and commodities being brought on-chain in the future. This would allow traditional assets to be easily integrated with smart contracts, and facilitate their interaction. This would cut down transaction times, and even more importantly, dramatically slash legal fees to a fraction of what they are today. It can cost up to $1,000 an hour or more to hire corporate lawyers to preside over a deal, draft contracts, or give advice on the intricacies of high finance. So, the potential savings involved for big businesses, if smart contracts and asset tokenization became the norm, is an amazing thing to think about at this time. The ASX is the first exchange in the world to implement a solution that would change the settlement of equities transactions from two days, to mere minutes. This radically changes how traders on both the buy and sell side, as well as companies, would be able to trade their securities, manage their risk and leverage their positions.
Learn more on the role ICO tokens play as a part of Blockchain backed solutions. What is a crypto token? How do security tokens work? How to market an ICO?
Follow the link to get more useful information:
Contact me via Instagram and Facebook and I’ll consult you about all Platinum services and the UBAI courses:
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Why Ravencoin can fail...

Ravencoin devs think they are the next Satoshi Nakamoto.
They have this pretension that RVN is the next bitcoin and are mimicking the same path. They fail to realize that RVN is no Bitcoin...RVN needs active development as well as leadership to send out the word. Exchanges aren't touching this because they don't know who to reach out to if any issues arise since dev won't take on responsibilty.
Secondly, during the launch...it was called a fair launch, however PAtrick Byrne invested in Ravencoin and none of this information was revealed. The devs all work for an arm of overstock.com. They all tie into that company. What bothers me is that none of the financial backings were revealed and it was announced as an 'Open Source' crypto. And don't tell me, that he bought it off of an exchange. Him and the devs are misleading RVN miners and investors.
Then, there's tZero which is also funded by an arm of Overstock and their investors. Their platform is doing exactly what Ravencoin wishes to accomplish. A tokenized asset issuance. The trading platform is there to facilitate it. I believe that Ravencoin devs have 5% interest in Ravencoin, the rest is in tZero and are all part of the same commercial team hidding behind 'open source' chants of Ravencoin. The devs have left this and can no longer sustain a large community anymore. Just check their github page. No commit since Roadmap.
I think Ravencoin is an abandoned project.
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Merchants list Vertcoin (updated with new members).

The descriptions are different in length and content dependant on the information your website offers. First purpose is to keep the descriptions short. Many websites delivered an own description which I partly quoted. If there is a need to change please let me know.
You'll find this list of merchants already accepting Vertcoin on Vertcoin homepage. In these shops you can pay with Vertcoin and maby with other cryptocurrencies. If you like to get added let me know and make sure that Vertcoin acceptance is apparent in your shop.

Debit Card

Uquid Prepaid Debit Card "enables businesses to streamline commission, business, incentives, travel payments and control expenditures with enhanced convenience, flexibility, and security."


* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
Cyroline is on "the tireless hunt for the special in the fashion world, the perfect fusion of individual styles, quality and sustainability." In physical stores you can pay with Vertcoin in Germany: Lübeck, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart.
Zazzle is a "marketplace, you'll find customizable products, art and create-your-own products just waiting for you. We're PhD's, professional artists, manufacturing gurus, patent holders, inventors, musicians, and more. Everything we do is an expression of love." As a nice special Z provides Vertcoin shirts.


PexPeppers is specialized in "finest chili sauces, jellies, salts, seeds & more." Based in Pueblo, Colorado, USA PexPeppers is selling all over the world.


Vertcoingames: "Play Roulette, Dice, Blackjack and Video Poker using Vertcoin. Great games with fair, casino level payouts."


* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
Coincards provides Giftcards and was created in July of 2014.
Crypto De Change provides Gift Cards and Silver Buillons since July 2013.
Giftoff is a "digital gift card retailer with the largest range on offer in Europe. Since 2014 we’ve been enabling digital currency users to shop with major retailers like Amazon.co.uk, Steam and Marks & Spencer. We stock over 70 gift cards and accept over 40 digital currencies as well as UK credit and debit cards."


* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
  • FastTech, Hong Kong & Guangdong, China
"FastTech is the techno-centric destination for all your geeky needs and more. FastTech is committed to become the most loved and trusted electronics marketplace by offering superior shopping experience, timely shipping, and stellar customer service."
KPV provides Vaporizers, "electronic devices that help you vaporize your material into vapor for cleaner inhalation. People looking to quit smoking cigarettes are the main reason behind vapes."
* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
"We are a tech-driven online retailer located near Salt Lake City in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains. Since our beginnings in 1999. Overstock has evolved from a fledging startup to a billion-dollar online retailer as a result of a hard-working and creative team."
RB gives "independent artists a meaningful new way to sell their creations. Today, we connect over 400k artists and designers across the planet with millions of passionate fans." RB provides a huge sortiment of designed products like bags, wall art, home decor, apparel, stationary & more.

IT support

GeekBox "offers a wide variety of services including but not limited to basic computer setup, repair, virus removal, server setup, network setup, consulting, purchasing, cloud computing advice, gaming system and electronic repair." As a nice special GeekBox IT provides a Vertcoin T-shirt.


Crypto Affect provides "Clothing for the hodler", crypto related fashion.
* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
C&P provides crypto related fashion and is "shipping worldwide with live rates and tracking."
Crypto Compound provides "crypto-themed items" like fashion, mugs & more.
* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
"Cryptobird is a partnership to start a full crypto based webshop with high quality fashion to contribute to a wider cryptocurrency adoption around the globe."
Cryptoble provides "apparel and more". Here are crypto related shirts & mugs.
Hodler Tees is a cryptocurrency centered t-shirt company based in Frisco Texas! (USA) We sell all things crypto related from hats to t-shirts and even posters!
"At Nakamoto Clothing, we're passionate about designing and curating a selection of apparel to help grow this movement of change. And we're electrified AF!", international shipping.
WikiLeaks is a multi-national media organization and associated library. It was founded by its publisher Julian Assange in 2006. The shop provides shirts, posters and asseccoires.
Spreadshirt provides shirts and more. Based in Greensburg, USA, the owner comes from the Netherlands.
Teepublic provides apparel, home goods, shirts, stickers, mugs & more.
Shillshop provides stickers in outdoor quality and is "based in The Netherlands, all the products we sell are also produced in The Netherlands to make sure you'll receive the highest quality!"
VTCmarket is founded by the Dunn twins Raf & Tom: "We’ve started off with T-shirts and are working on expanding with other products and merchants"

Multimedia services

RDS is Central Virginia’s drone service specialists. From preparation to content delivery, we perform all work to perfection. We can act as both an aerial film consultant or as the remote pilot in charge on your next projects.

Printing, Graphic, Web Design

* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
"Catdi is a commercial printing company with additional specialization in web design. Offering cost-effective commercial printing, direct mail, graphic design and web solutions to small businesses. Proudly Serving Houston and surrounding communities for over 10 years."

Professional Law Services

* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
Bitcoin Tax is "calculating capital gains/losses for any crypto-currency. Do you know the cost-basis of every coin you own? Are you tracking the profits and new basis when you spend or sell? Can you work out the best way to identify your trades to optimize your taxes? Let us do it for you."
Burrell Law "Our New York City-based attorneys provide a broad range of transactional legal services" Every large business was once a small business. We are here to help you find a solution for your legal needs.
The Crypto Lawyers - "we are a team of U.S. qualified lawyers dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, and organizations navigate the legal intricacies of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We commit ourselves to strategically and aggressively represent our clients in their transactional and litigation matters."

Video Games

Cavemen Studios is a developer of video games. "Having over a century of combined experience on how video games tick, we've finally decided it's time to start creating our own products."
"Keys4Coins is one of the first pc game stores who only accept cryptocurrency as payment. Our store is simple to use and you can shop anonymously. Only an e-mail is required so you can receive the license."
"Our aim is to provide the fastest, easiest place to buy Xbox Live Gold subscriptions with cryptocurrencies"

Wallet & miscellaneous

Jzzsxm's Online Store provides a 1.5" diameter metal Vertcoin Medallion. Each medallion costs 2 VTC and comes with a metalized label containing a wallet address QR code of your choice affixed to the back.
LaserLightning provides one etched wooden Vertcoin with the Vertcoin logo burned into one side, and your custom QR code on the back. These coins are approx 1.5 inches in diameter.
Designed Vertcoin public and private wallets that can be used as paper wallets or given as gifts.

(NSFW) Adult shop

* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
Toys4Sex is Australia's Online Adult store retailer intended for men and women. Toys4Sex comes with a specially selected range of products that has made its mark within the Australian adult market place.
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r/bitcoin recap - February 2017

Hi again everyone!
You gave me fantastic feedback on the first monthly recap last month, so of course I made another one for February.
For those unfamiliair, each day (usually around the same time), I pick out the most popularelevant/interesting stories in bitcoin and save them, after which I release them in one batch after the month ends. This gives you a quick (but not necessarily the best) overview of what happened in bitcoin over the past month.
This month I’m making 2 changes:
  1. I’m removing links in the Reddit post, to prevent it from getting auto-moderated like last month. I will link to all the respective reddit posts (so you can see discussion too) on the web version instead. version with links
  2. As #1 gave away, I launched a website to permanently store these things. Unfortunately it is not live yet, as my hosting provider is taking forever to deal with the DNS nameservers. As you can imagine, I’m currently best friends with their customer support, as I really wanted to have the site up before posting today. To deal with this for now, I made a post on my personal site instead until I get the new site up and running. I hope people aren’t too fussed about that.
Anyways let’s get to the recap. Let me know if you think I missed something!
A recap of February 2017 in bitcoin
Thank you to everyone who is contributing to this exciting space!
Personal note:
I’ve seen more constructive discussions over the past month than in January, let’s keep that up. We should avoid sinking to the level of insults and focus on continuously correcting misinformation. You will never convince people that your approach is favourable by insulting them, but you might if you show them that not everyone on the “other side” is malicious, as they’re made out to be. Our perception of how Bitcoin should develop is simply different. Let’s create understanding, not a rift.
Now let's March!
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The Promise of Stablecoins: How Blockchain Can Transform Cross-Border Payments

The Promise of Stablecoins: How Blockchain Can Transform Cross-Border Payments
By Guy Hirsch, U.S. Managing Director, eToro
For years, cross-border payment processes have been a functional, yet flawed, aspect of global commerce. In fact, while globalization has strengthened interconnectivity worldwide, actions as simple as currency exchanges or wire transfers are still considered to be a costly and time-intensive undertaking. To put it simply: As the general public becomes frustrated with the status quo, traditional cross-border payments will soon be a thing of a past. In preparing for the road ahead, international corporations have begun experimenting with advancements in cryptocurrency in an effort to bring the immutability and efficiency of blockchain technology to the forefront of the global commercial ecosystem.
Unlike traditional cross-border payments methods, cryptocurrency transactions carry no excessive surcharges. International payments can be made without the need of a middle man or lofty exchange rates, and processing times are near instantaneous in comparison to the requirements of conventional wire transfers. What’s more, cryptocurrency transactions are verified by other participants in the network, reducing chargebacks and ensuring that purchases are adequately authenticated.
Faced with demand and desire to innovate, major multinationals, from Microsoft, to Subway, to Overstock.com, have begun to accept cryptocurrency as a viable method of payment. According to data from coinmap.org, there are a staggering 12,928 stores that accept bitcoin around the world. However, while many of these companies have found success with cryptocurrency initiatives, there are still looming inefficiencies that must be addressed before widespread integration of this technology can occur.
A key concern is market volatility. Since bitcoin’s meteoric rise in December 2017, we have entered a somewhat unpredictable landscape with regard to the the industry’s market value. In fact, most cryptocurrencies are still not perceived to be a viable mainstream medium of exchange — especially with regard to cross-border transactions. For many global corporations, the value of cryptocurrency is simply too unstable to hold weight when operating in different countries with different exchange rates. This is a significant obstacle to widespread integration. How can you possibly use cryptocurrencies as a viable method of payment when its value fluctuates by the second?
Cryptocurrency companies recognize this, and have begun creating a new iteration in the evolution of cryptocurrency with the potential to fortify the exchange with embedded stability protocols. Dubbed “stablecoins,” these new cryptocurrencies operate by being tied to the value of a fiat currency like the euro or U.S. dollar. If the price rises or falls below a predetermined threshold, mechanisms are put into place to equalize its market value. For payment processors, stablecoins hold tremendous potential in decreasing the potential volatility of cross-border transactions within the space. With increased stability, merchants will be more likely to accept crypto payments for mainstream products, and the general public will be far more likely to consider using cryptocurrencies as a viable medium of exchange.
It’s a short-term solution to a long-term problem, and mainstream companies would be wise to consider early adoption of stablecoins in an effort to get a leg-up on the competition. Soon, if not already, stablecoins will be considered a gateway to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency on a global scale, and companies in a wide variety of industries will be vying for potential avenues for integration. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for many small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the payments industry to become the first to pioneer cryptocurrency integration on a grand scale.
Payment processor Square is an excellent example of this. The company recently announced that it had received a BitLicense from the New York Department of Financial Services, intending to use the cryptocurrency business certificate to further its international payment platform. The decision serves as a crucial step for Square as the company works to create a global platform capable of combating Apple’s 61% monopoly on the mobile Point-of-Sale software (mPOS) industry. Toppling Apple from its #1 position is going to require more than a sleek hardware, ecosystem strategy, and fantastic execution. However, with cryptocurrency, and stablecoins in particular, Square can gain significant market share by making actions such as paying for dinner a seamless process even if you’re from another country or don’t have a bank account.
While there are still key hurdles that exist before cryptocurrency will ever be the preferred method for payments, we are much closer than you think. Stablecoins will be a key piece in this puzzle, and companies looking to stay ahead of an ever-changing curve would be wise to consider using them to bridge the gap between the centralized and decentralized economy. Over time, the promise of cryptocurrency will become too strong to ignore, and its value will ultimately permeate businesses in every practice area and in every region of the world.
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Counterparty 2015

IMO, Counterparty is the only production ready 2.0 platform and the natural choice for anyone building a token based business right now. With the addition of programmable contracts it will become the choice of many more.
Better yet, it seems like this is not going to change anytime soon: Mastercoin was clearly left behind; Ethereum, not yet in alpha and with their ambitious new blockchain, will face great technical challenges (security, denial of service, etc) as well as the usual adoption challenges. Other platforms such as NXT and Bitshares are lacking an integration with BTC.
Sidechains, another potential "threat", is still far from becoming a reality; There are serious technical and security concerns with the current paper and even if those are solved, changing the bitcoin protocol and forming a consensus around it is not trivial; especially not for a commercial company.
Once sidechains are possible (i do believe they will be eventually; its in the interest of the bitcoin community and serious people are behind it) Counterparty is in a good position as anyone to use it; The founders already said they will consider it and they have good reasons: shorter block time, better integration with BTC, scalability, etc. This is the long term answer to Ethereum and such.
So while the competition seem to be about a year behind, Counterparty is here today and has the reputation of moving fast. In the same way Bitcoin enjoys the first-mover advantage and the network effect, Counterparty could become the 2.0 platform during 2015.
They already made miracles with 3 devs and zero funding; I'm looking forward to see what they can do with a bigger team and the backing of Overstock and what will people build on top of it.
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Any data on real commercial/consumer usage trends with bitcoin?

Is there any data on how much legal consumer or commercial usage of bitcoin has grown over the past two years? Is there data for specific countries or merchants (e.g. Overstock)? All I have seen is data on transactions which include speculation and other non-commercial usages of bitcoin.
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Overstock.com media push - anyone else notice?

It's been quite a long time since I've seen overstock.com commercials. Lately, I've seen quite a few. Last one I saw even said something along the lines of "Now accepting bitcoin" with a bitcoin symbol at the bottom. The commercial had Mike Ditka in it. After researching, it appears that it's an old commercial that they are rerunning and added the Bitcoin part at the end. I think they've used Bitcoin to spearhead a marketing campaign. Anyone else notice more lately? Very smart on their part. Get in the news by accepting Bitcoin, then go on a full marketing push with commercials.
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I know Overstock is old news, but...

I just saw an Overstock commercial, and at the end, there was a "Now Accepting Bitcoin" logo.
I just thought it was the coolest thing and wanted to share.
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My Investment notes on Overstock OSTK

OSTK This is an example of some investment notes I continually put together. These notes relate to Overstock.com (OSTK). We are not suggesting or implying that anyone should buy, sell or hold TASR. We are merely supplying some investment notes I put together. Our internal notes are much more in depth and include various financial modeling.
Please read disclaimer at bottom of this page.
My full notes have tables and pictures, etc. which has not been posted here. I have only supplied a link to my notes on onedrive. I apologize if some of you think it is intended as promotion. I have been sharing my notes, and am not familiar of how else I could post them here, and still be within proper compliance.
The full notes can be found at this link:http://1drv.ms/1y4J4r9
November 5, 2014 (23.93)
I am fairly meticulous on the stocks we own, and notes I take for such investments. This was not one of those typical scenarios. We currently have a ~3.0% position, with an average cost of $16.08. The annual low was $13.80, and I bought it after reading a Value Line on it. OSTK had dropped nearly 50% since mid 2013. I am also intrigued with CEO, Patrick Byrne. John Byrne was Patrick’s father, and was a CEO at GEICO, and if I recall correctly he was a person credited for their turnaround. I think John was one of Buffett’s favorite lieutenants. Patrick has been known as a somewhat “wacky” guy, and he had issues with alleged naked short sellers years back. I was intrigued because he was the son of a respected Buffett protégé. He appears long term minded, and realistic. New HQ in Salt Lake City, UT is being constructed. OSTK is focusing on technology spending.
I expect to own this as long as revenue, earnings, cash flow and such continue to move along positively. ROE is a key metric. Earnings will be brought down by technology infrastructure build and new SLC headquarters being built. Expected occupancy is August 2016.
As of June 30, 2014, Fairfax Financial owns 3,184,677 shares, or 13.25% of the company. OSTK is 5.55% of FFH’s total holdings.
Insider activity has not had much selling.
Yield is 0.00% ($0.00). Earnings expected at $0.55 for 2014, which would give a P/E of 43.51X. Dividend payout has averaged N/A% for the last 10 years. The payout ratio was N/A% in F2012, and N/A% in F2013. Dividend payout ratio expected to be 0.0% and 0.0% for F2014 and F2015 respectively. ROE has averaged NMF% for the last 10 years. ROE is expected to be 11.0% for F2014 and 14.5% for F2015. Average P/E for the last 10 years has been NMFX. Projected eps for F2015 is $1.00 which equates to a forward P/E of 23.93X. VL gives it ‘B’ financial strength, and a Safety rating of 4. VL projects a price between $17 - $30 between 2017 – 2019 (8/15/14).
Morningstar Credit Rating is Not Followed with debt/assets of 0.0%.
3Q14 10Q notes
24M shares outstanding. We are projecting minimal to no dilution through 2015. OSTK does not typically dilute. Fully diluted weighted average shares are 24,290.
Free cash flow is difficult to assess, as the corporate headquarters might be included. The following is a quick and generic table:
See http://1drv.ms/1y4J4r9
As of September 30, 2014 OSTK has investments in precious metals of $8.9M. The precious metals are presented at lower of cost or market. I find the owning of precious metals odd, yet what would be surprising about that with Mr. Byrne at the helm.
As of September 30, 2014 OSTK owned $346K of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency.
“We seek to invest efficiently in technology, including web services, customer support solutions, website search, expansion of new and existing product categories, and in investments in technology to enhance the customer experience, improve our process efficiency and support our logistics infrastructure. We continue to seek opportunities for growth in our business, including expanding our international sales and ourdistribution capabilities and multi-channel fulfillment services. We have also begun to broker insurance products, and offer consumer financing products through a third party, to our customers. We are also working to develop financial service software that utilizes the bitcoin network and its protocols, subject to the resolution of technical, legal,and regulatory constraints. As a result of these and other initiatives, we expect to continue to increase our technology expenses, and these expenses may be material.” Overstock.com 10Q
September 30, 2014
“Our current estimate of the total cost of the development and construction and related equipment and furniture of our new headquarters is approximately $96 million. We have entered into a syndicated senior secured credit facility with U.S. Bank and other banks that is intended to provide us with construction and term financing of $45,760,000. The facility is designed to convert to an approximately 6.75-year term loan upon completion of construction.”
Earnings release and conference call 10/23/14:
“Q3 total net revenue was $353 million, a 17% increase from last year. Q3 gross profit dollars increased 13% to $67.1 million. Q3 contribution was $41.6 million, a 13% increase from last year, and contribution margin was 11.8%.“
“Let me give you an internal goal. People ask us and do a lot of analyses I see and I want to be clear about what it is we're trying to do, so you can judge us on whether we accomplish our mission or not. My goal is in each year to grow by -- it's really quite simple. I've got two primary goals: grow the contribution dollar 15% or more and goal number two is half of that increase in dollars I would like to see fall to the bottom line to the pretax operating income line.
Those are my two goals and I think that you can judge us at the end of each year -- I'm saying now that those are the two things we want to accomplish. I guess we could arguably say there's a third thing, which is top line growing 15% or more as well. But really the contribution dollar growing 15% and half of those increased dollars flowing to the bottom line.
I see people get somewhat hung up on sort of tiny shifts quarter to quarter and how one quarter did on one thing versus the same quarter the prior year, and that to me is sort of a lot of noise. What we are managing the business for is to accomplish those two principles. Not saying that we will accomplish it this year, both because we got off to a bit of a slower start and because this year, as I have said at the beginning, we had realized that this was a year of really reinvestment in some large projects.
But just so you know, those were what we are running the business around: keeping the top line at 15% or more on an annual basis, the contribution line on 15% or more growth, and then half of those dollars coming to the bottom line on an annual basis. Don't ask us to try to hit those quarter to quarter and such because we don't look at it on a quarterly basis.” Patrick Byrne – CEO
“I used to, maybe somewhat stupidly, say 10 years ago we are not a tech company. We are a retailer. We are a lemonade stand with a computer in it. But that is not it-- that was because we ran on old-fashioned retail values.
But we have more and more morphed into a tech company and we know that because there's all kinds of technology under the hood that we have in the past had third parties providing for us because we couldn't do it ourselves as well. But over time, our tech teams have grown. We
now have about 330 developers. In 2007 I think we had seven or 12.” Patrick Byrne – CEO
“We have a really robust tech department now with lots of scientists, smart folks, and we are developing our own technologies internally and wetest them against those third-party providers. And we've gotten to the point that an awful lot of our technologies are better than any commercially available third-party. That's why you see us sort of losing some of those integrations.
But anyway, that is where I am going and I'm not at all worried about that kind of expense. I like that we are building our tech expense like that. We are seeing so many opportunities -- so I am not worried about that.
I think that there's probably a lot of attention played -- maybe a bit too much attention paid to one quarter versus the same quarter last year on the bottom line. It all comes down to the fourth quarter.
I think we are going to have a really good year this year. So going forward I'm just reminding people, don't get all hung up in the first quarter on what the bottom line did, some giblet changes versus the previous year, because we really -- we don't really anticipate seeing those first three quarters of each year change a lot in the years ahead, in the next few years ahead. It is the big change we hope is in the fourth quarter each time.” Patrick Byrne – CEO
OSTK discussed the annual debt service of $46M, and reminded investors to consider the rent expense which would have occurred had they not owned the new corporate headquarters. The annual difference on a 10 year lease would have been around $5.4M. OSTK discussed that they now have double the space, and the building will be owned. “So it saves us $1 million a year, it gives us much more space, and we think that there's going to be a lot of synergy by getting the two halves of the brain into the same skull.” Patrick Byrne – CEO
If you are a client of ours, and if you have questions regarding the company or investment mentioned in this report please call our office. If you are not a client of Redfield, Blonsky & Starinsky LLC Investment Management Division and are reading these notes, we urge you to do your own research. We will not be responsible for any person making an investment decision based on these notes. These notes are a "by-product" of our research. We are not responsible for the accuracy of these notes. We are not responsible for errors that may occur in these notes. Please do not rely on us to monitor or update this or any other report we may issue. In theory, we could come across some type of data or idea, which causes us to eliminate our long or short position of the company or investment mentioned in this report from our portfolios. We will not notify reader’s revisions to these notes. We are not responsible to keep readers of these notes updated for changes or material errors or for any reason whatsoever. We manage portfolios for clients, and those clients are our greatest concern as it relates to investing. Certain clients of Redfield, Blonsky & Starinsky, LLC may not have the company or investment mentioned in this report in their portfolios. There could be various reasons for this. Again, if you would like to discuss the company or investment mentioned in this report , please contact Ronald R. Redfield, CPA, PFS (partner in charge of investment management division).
Information herein is believed to be reliable, but its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. Opinions, estimates, and projections constitute our judgment and are subject to change without notice. This publication is provided to you for information purposes only and is not intended as an offer or solicitation. Redfield, Blonsky & Starinksy, LLC
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Bitcoin saves me from possible identity theft/fraud! I make a poor guy in Chile jump through hoops for bitcoin.

I have a youtube video with almost 2 million views (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPYEVZb6Ypc), and once in a while, I get approached about using part of the video in commercials.
Typically, the companies are all US based, and just send me a check. On Monday however, someone contacted me from the country chile, asking to use the video ASAP and wanted to western union the money.
At first, I was hesitant, and said no, but the pushed a bit, and in the spirit of helping this guy out with his project, I agreed. I didn't want to do a western union transfer, so I suggested a bank transfer. Then they asked for my personal address and information, that spooked me a bit.
I flat out told them that if they want the HD video and our permission, that they need to find a way to get bitcoin to me, and suggested a couple sites online to try to purchase some. Well, they purchased some bitcoin, and sent it. Within 10 minutes, I replied with the signed document, and HD video. I hope this opens their eyes to the world of bitcoin for international payments!
TLDR; A guy who seemed like a major scammer, actually came through and paid me in bitcoin!
Conversation below:
The guys name is T for the rest of this conversation
T: hi! mi name y T i am from chile i would like to ask you something... i need to know if i can use your video" telling my dad we´re pregnant" for a tv commercial dedicated to fathers day?? greetings from chile
Me: Thank you. I will have to hold off so that I can ask the Grandpa in the video. Will there be any payment? We accept bitcoin if that makes things easier.
T: cool, the only thing is i need a quick answer because we have to present the whole commercial this thursday, we´re now on editing process. we can pay you USD100 for only few seconds od the video. i don´t know how can pay you with bitcoins. Greetings
T: the only way that i can send you $100 is via western union... r u ok with that? best, T!
T: i need to send you the document to get your sign, but i can´t attach files here, can you send me your e-mail. My director pick your video and tomorrow we presento to our client, if he approves i would send you the money.
Plase giv me your e-mail to send you the contract
T: hi! i need to send you the money today for use your video!!!! you can findme at @.com is very important and need a quick answer!!!
Me: If you can get us the documents to sign, and send $100 in bitcoin by Thursday, we will do our best to get everything done for you. You can buy bitcoins to send here https://localbitcoins.com/country/CL I'm not sure of another place to suggest that you buy them.
T: hi, i need your answer please. i would send you usd200 today via western union so i need what i ask you.
(Seeming scammy enough yet? lol)
Me: Sorry t, we are not interested. Thank you for the contact. If we had more notice, or possibly a better payment method, we would have considered it. Being put on the spot to make a quick decision is not fun. I hope you understand.
T: Hi! I understand your position! And we can make the things at your way. Please is really important to me to have this video, because my director love it the hug moment, is really authentic. I dont know how buy or send bitcoins, this is the reason because i ask to send it vía western union. Tell me what is your better payment option and we will do it! Thanks and greetings from Chile Enviado desde mi iPhone
Me: Is western union a straight deposit into a bank account, or do I need to go somewhere and do something?
T: You have to go to a western union office near to you and withdraw the money only with your id Maybe if you tell me the name of your bank i can check if is possible to make a direct money transfer Best!
Me: ******** bank. If you could find out how to pay with bitcoin, the payment is instant to me, and 100% fraud proof, so I don't have any concerns about it.
T: ok, and you have a count number to pay you with bitcoins?
T: or if you give me your bank account i can make a money transfer. the problem with bitcoins payment to me is i can´t back up the spending. its a litle complicated to me
Me: I supplied a bank account # and routing # (Safe to give out, as people can deposit into it, but not see the total funds or withdraw anything)
T: ok perfect, i will make a money trasfer direct to your bank account. when you get your email verification i would be waiting fot de hd version of the video. thanks!
Me: Thanks. I have HD 720p which I will send once the deposit hits the account. I'll just checked the account, it's not deposited yet.
T: it would be tomorrow, because the agency that makes the trasfer it had 1 day delay. regards!
(Still feeling scammy)
T: to make a money tranfer i would need besides account number and routing: -full name -adress -phone number -bank adress -swift
greetings from chile again!
Me: I'm very sorry, this is too much personal information, If you can send bitcoin somehow to the address I gave you, I'd do it, but with all the personal information you are requesting, I open myself to fraud and scams. Please understand that I can not send the HD video until I get a bitcoin deposit into the bitcoin address that I gave you earlier. http://bitpay.com might be able to help you set up an account.
T: Its usd200 =0,3029 bitcoins ? Im rigth?
Me: Looks correct, yes.
T: Hi, im writing this mail with copy to all my work partners to tell toy that i CANT send you the money yet. To make a money trasfer i need your personal info that you dont want to share. This is the safer way to doit, but we cant make it without this info. Another way to doit is paying with bitcoins but in Chile this is not to massive and the people doesnt trust because we dont know it. I can pay you with bitcoins but the people who sell it doesnt contact with me yet. So i think the payment would be done until monday. Greetings
Me: If you can get the bitcoin in my account, I'll send the video right after the deposit. Bitcoin is used by DISH Network, Overstock.com, and the owner of PayPal / Ebay is looking into using it. http://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/ That should make you all feel more comfortable about it.
T: ok, i just send you 0,3029 bitcoins to your bitcoin andress 1MYADDRESSWASREALLYHERE. i attach a form that i need ir back with your signature, also the video in "hug moment" on high resolution. thank you!
Me: For sure! Thanks T! Here is the HD video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/XXXXXXXXXX/Telling%20my%20dad%20were%20pregnant%20HD%20YouTube.MP4 I've also attached the signed document.
I got paid in bitcoin, and they got their video. :P
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Just saw a Gyft commercial on mainstream TV

Very cool, and congrats vinnyatgyft for the success and getting this ad on TV. But I saw absolutely no mention of Bitcoin in the commercial. Maybe you can add a "Bitcoin accepted" logo on the bottom at the end of the commercial, kind of like how Overstock does in their commercials? Thanks.
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Bitcoin Overstock 300% Price Increase + $1MN RANSOM UPDATE! Overstock CEO: bitcoin a 'form of sound money' Overstock.com to accept Bitcoin -- Mt. Gox 1M Customers ... Overstock.com founder & CEO Patrick Byrne talks about Bitcoin and Ethereum!! Overstock.com's big bet on bitcoin technology

Let Overstock.com help you discover designer brands & home goods at the lowest prices online. With free shipping on EVERYTHING*. See for yourself why shoppers love our selection & award-winning customer service. Overstock.com: an e-commerce player of another kind - known for its low prices, an experimental nature & a fondness for out-of-the-box ideas (notably bitcoin). As Overstock.com Retail’s Chief Product Officer, Mark Baker leads all product management and user experience across the company’s customer, marketing, digital experience, merchandising, and operations organizations. He transitioned to the role of CPO after serving as the company’s Vice President of Product and Technology, where he led product development in support of Overstock’s ... For now, the Ohio Bitcoin initiative covers only 23 types of business taxes the state collects, including those for tobacco and fuel. And in the case of Overstock, it is electing to pay only the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT), which applies to businesses with over $150,000 in receipts. Overstock announced it will begin accepting payment via Etherum, Litecoin, Dash and every other major digital currency from customers.

[index] [43029] [41139] [24639] [15841] [33830] [31083] [26088] [46276] [20975] [29064]

Bitcoin Overstock 300% Price Increase + $1MN RANSOM UPDATE!

Overstock CEO on the power of bitcoin - Duration: 11:45. Fox Business 27,694 views. 11:45. How Macro Trader Novogratz Became a Bitcoin Convert - Duration: 37:32. ... Comedic commercial with assorted burglars who don't come to steal, but to enjoy the furniture purchased by the tenant from Overstock Outlet Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne talks with CNN's Zain Asher about the potential strengths of bitcoin during a dollar crisis. Thanks to trusting Bitcoin, Overstock's stock has increased 300+% and now they're also going to be making quite a bit of money from their ICO. Plenty of awesome ways of making good incomes in the ... Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne on the online retailer's blockchain business.